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Class Information

Preschool classes
The Preschool classes are designed for the beginning dancer age 2-5 to learn the basic skills of dance and creative movement. These classes concentrate on rhythmic skills, movement and music sequencing, and encouraging social skills for kids that are not in school yet. Props such as beanbags and hoops are used to make it fun and friendly for any preschooler. The combination classes integrate ballet, tap, and tumbling dance forms. The focus of these classes is on exploring the fundamentals of ballet, while having fun with other styles of dance.
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Jazz/Hip Hop
With roots in Modern and African dance styles, Jazz/Hip-Hop blends the technical aspects of Jazz dance with the upbeat movements of Hip-Hop. These classes emphasize strengthening jazz technique and adding stylistic elements to dance. 
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The foundation of a well-rounded dance education is classical ballet. Ballet classes focus on instructing dancers in the fundamentals of this dance style. Pointe classes are available for the intermediate and advance level dancers. 
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This form of dance incorporates a broad range of styles including Ballet, and Jazz. Contemporary/modern is a style of dance that pushes dancers to utilize their creative and artistic abilities. 
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Musical Theatre
For the dancer who enjoys theatrics and musicals, these classes provide education in theatrical performance. This form of dance combines singing, dancing, spoken dialogue and acting. Classes will incorporate both classical and current musical theatre works. 
This form of dance is characterized by the sounds of metal tap shoes striking the ground. Tap classes utilize classical and current music selections and allow dancers to have fun while learning the rhythm of music.
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Whether students are interested in learning the basics of tumbling or are a tumbling machine, there is a class for any level dancer who is wishing to expand their knowledge beyond the basics of dance. Dancers will work on skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, back handsprings and more.   
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